1. Ensure the Intelligence Oversight training program has command/management emphasis. Without this, no program will be effective.

2. Formally designate an individual with the responsibility for overseeing the Intelligence Oversight program, and hold this person accountable. Duties should not be confused with security officer responsibilities.

3. Provide Intelligence Oversight training to all new employees soon after coming on board as part of in-processing and provide refresher training for all employees at least annually. "Employee" include assigned military and civilian government personnel as well as individuals detailed or TDY to your organization and contractor personnel; in overseas organizations it also includes foreign national personnel engaged in intelligence support, such as compiling and filing open source material.

4. Establish and maintain records to document when employees have received training, and to provide a mechanism to assure that those employees who missed training for operational or other reasons (e.g. leave, TDY) are trained at the earliest opportunity. 

5. Require the Intelligence Oversight officer to maintain copies of Executive Order 12333DoD Directive 5240.01DoD Manual 5240.01, DoD Directive 5148.13, and any service or organization specific implementing instructions. Encourage employees to review them periodically. It is good practice to keep these documents in a folder separate from other documents or regulations.

6. Tailor training to the specific mission of your organization. Training may take many forms, but there are certain minimum requirements to which all organizations must adhere. First, familiarity with the provisions of Executive Order 12333, DoD Manual 5240.01 and any implementing instructions which apply to your service or agency is required. At a minimum, this entails an understanding of at least DoD Manual 5240.01 and those other procedures that pertain to activities performed by the organization. It should be emphasized in the training that reporting questionable activities is mandatory and that no adverse action may be taken against employees for reporting questionable activities.