The DoD SIOO conducts vigorous and independent inspections of DoD intelligence activities worldwide, ranging from intelligence staffs at strategic headquarters to tactical intelligence activities in the field. DoD SIOO inspects all intelligence disciplines e.g. Human Intelligence, Imagery Intelligence, Signals Intelligence, Measurement and Signatures Intelligence, as well as Counterintelligence. DoD SIOO verifies that personnel are trained in and comply with EO 12333 and DoD implementing authorities, and that they are familiar with their obligation to report questionable or improper intelligence activities.

The DoD SIOO is also responsible for determining the effectiveness of the Intelligence Oversight programs of the entire DoD intelligence community. To accomplish this task, the inspection programs of the Inspectors General of the Joint Staff, Military Services, Combatant Commands, and DoD intelligence agencies are monitored.



1st  Qtr. FY18     DTRA/JIDO & EUCOM                     1st Qtr. FY19     CYBERCOM & STRATCOM                1st  Qtr. FY20     TRANSCOM & SOUTHCOM

2nd Qtr. FY18     NAVY, SOCOM, & NGA                   2nd Qtr. FY19     AFRICOM & OSD                                 2nd Qtr. FY20    CENTCOM & PACOM

3rd Qtr. FY18      ARMY & NRO                                   3rd  Qtr. FY19    AIR FORCE & USMC                            3rd Qtr. FY20    NSA & NGB

4th Qtr. FY18      JOINT STAFF                                   4th Qtr. FY19     NORTHCOM                                         4th Qtr. FY20     DIA